• Mercedes Benstock

Melissa Wood Tepperberg

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

I first came across Melissa's Instagram a few years ago. Clean eating, mindful movements, meditations, and images of picture-perfect avocado toast on my newsfeed? Yes please.

As soon as I tapped the follow button I could feel the positive energy Melissa radiated. She was real, raw and not afraid to share her journey that ultimately led her to success.

An ongoing issue I run into with influencers is the flawless facade they put on to their followers. Their "act" of perfection. What differentiated Melissa from the get-go, was her honesty and (in a sense) vulnerability. She didn't always have a healthy relationship with food or a picture-perfect lifestyle.

Sincerity shows strength, and I reached out to Melissa admiring her authenticity. At the time, l still had a "weird" relationship with food (lingering from high school) and saw Melissa as a massive inspiration. She was relatable in so many different ways, and not afraid to open up on a public platform.

After truly finding herself and her passion, Melissa created the "MWH Method" which focuses on slow & controlled movements, through yoga and pilates. Need even more inspiration? Just look at her body!

Whenever I start a new app or program-I love to know the details. So I answered a few FAQ below:

Do you need a gym to do MWH? No! That's another great thing. You can do her workouts inside, outside, at the gym, at the airport, anywhere your heart desires.

How about equipment? Entirely up to you. Most of Melissa's workouts are focused around using your own body weight. If you want to intensify the movements you can add in resistance bands, ankle weights, a pilates ball/circle etc.

How many times a week should I do her workout? Melissa recommends 20-40 minutes a day (at least 5 days a week) for maximum results. Need structure to hold yourself accountable? Melissa posts a new schedule every Monday morning on her website around 8 AM EST.

How long is each flow? Each workout ranges from 10-40 minutes, but if you're looking for something prompt and thorough-she has a few free flows on her IGTV @melissawoodhealth

All in all, it's no wonder that Melissa has generated buzz worldwide. Between her warmth, integrity, and passion to inspire others - It's without a doubt her membership is worth it!