• Mercedes Benstock

Memorial Day

So today was my first final this semester. It felt like I had just gone through the stress of midterms a few weeks ago, and now here I was again, going through the dreaded days where nights are spent studying (over partying) mornings are spent panicking (over planning) and the days where I thought going on Pinterest was more entertaining than learning accounting equations was finally reckoned a bad idea. A very bad idea.

So as my morning started off trying to remember the things that I had learnt back in January, I came home, put on a bikini, packed fruit for breakfast and headed to my nearest beach. Aka my rooftop, minus the sand. The main difference is that there isn’t a freezing cold sea to jump into, after boiling in 80 degree weather in attempt to tan. Although I do live right above the East River, which apparently has a deadly current. So needless to say, I won’t be jumping into water anytime soon. Or the East River.

As Memorial Day approaches, plans are also getting stressful. The city heads out to the Hampton’s, as those not invited to the Hampton’s (or those not from NYC) head into the city. Assuming that most in state residents know where to go and what to do for Memorial Day weekend.

I’m a very last minute kind of girl, who generally hates planning things days in advance.So given that it’s only Tuesday, the fact that everyone’s flipping out about what they are doing over the weekend is just mind bobbling. I will decide on Friday who what and where I will be going. After Finals and after the duration of the week is over. End of story. Whatever happened to spontaneous-ity? Looking at it alternatively, it’s always good to be prepared. And as it’s the weekend that “officially” kicks off the start of summer, something you don’t want to miss.

So lets start with what to do (in the Hampton’s):

Day & Night: 11am-4pm. After attending there closing party on Saturday, the infamous brunch party is now moving back to the Hampton’s for the summer. With rotating world renowned Djs and an afternoon type ambiance, there special memorial day party is something you don’t want to miss. For the party a member of the Dual Groupe family will be skydiving over 13,500 ft to hand deliver a Magnum bottle of Dom Perignon Rose Luminous to the party. A celebratory bottle chilled by a 13,000 foot free fall and delivered to your table by parachute? not quite something you see on an every day basis. Just remember you DO need tickets to attend.

Hampton’s Magazine Memorial Day Weekend Party: 5-8pm. This is one of the most exclusive parties to be invited to mid day. This year it will be hosing it’s 15th annual memorial day celebration hosted at Southampton social. With an invite only admission policy, Debra Halpert and Samantha Yanks will toast cover star Brooke Shields.

…and then head over to SL east to celebrate the reopening of the Hampton’s Hot Spot and get the real party started…if your still awake that is;)