• Mercedes Benstock

Mike Bloomberg’s Nephew

The night started with dinner at Toy celebrating Bridgette’s 22.5 birthday. How to know your fabulous In New York? When you have sparklers, bottles, cake and a dinner completemented for your 1/2 birthday celebration.

After Toy, we headed out to PHD, meeting up with more people and simultaneously meeting new people (excluding the 60 year old “bone” doctor who tried to hit on each and every one of us). As I haven’t quite been on the social scene for a while now, it felt good (and life like) to meet and socialize with someone other than the baristas at Starbucks.

I have to say that’s one downfall to ever being in a relationship. It’s easy to forget how to be social. Your trading in nightlife for date life, and suddenly cooking becomes part of your agenda. Unless you’re me of course, who still insists eating out is much cheaper than buying ingredients, wasting time cooking the ingredients, and potentially risking burning down your apartment. I also insist that when I’m married, I wont clean, cook or calm down when asked.

After PHD, we went to Avenue. Our table was one away from the DJ booth, and as music blasted, champagne was flowing and we were all having quite the amazing time. That was until 6 huge bodyguards walked in, with two (unfamiliar) faces. One of which was Mayor Bloomberg’s arrogant (and imposter) nephew, while the other seemed to be his brunette Courtney Cox looking girlfriend. At least for the night.

Aside from his huge 6’10 300 pound body guards (entourage of people) no one was looking at who they were or what they were doing there. Given that he looked about 40 and had a VERY nasty and cocky attitude.

I was dancing, amongst side my friends, while Mike Bloomberg’s alleged nephew and his gal pal where standing, drinking magnum bottles of Champagne.

Caught up in the music, all of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder. One of his bodyguards insisted that my heel was over the edge of their “area” and that I needed to move.

I switched spots with Alden, where the entire night his body guard would glare, yell, and threatened to have us “removed” if any of us came ½ an inch close to there table. The nephew unheard of nephew praised the nasty arrogance circulating their table, while his “girl” of the night ended up spilling champagne ALL over Alden

Of course instead of an apology, she was much more caught up in her own appearance, making sure we didn’t cross “our boundaries”into their table.