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Move over Birkin

You know your hungover when you wake up, and type “Apple birkin” in your search bar, opposed to typing: Apple bar (aka Genius bar). My laptop charger has been broken for the past two days, and although I love my ipad mini, it is getting quite tedious to type absolutely everything on there. Of course then my iphone decided to not switch on this morning after being charged for nine hours, so I had to make an appointment for the fifth Ave genius bar at 11 am. Exactly where I wanted to spend my sunday morning.

This weekend was astounding. Considering that on friday I had no plans, it changed in an instant. It started off with a friend texting me to “clear my schedule” because she was in Manhattan and going out for her birthday. Of course I said yes and invited Mauro to come along as we had previous plans of seeing one another. Once Mauro finished work, he rushed over and the two of us got ready with intentions of going.

On our way, we stopped at Dylan’s candy bar (only because they have organic vodka). The bar closed at 11, so when we walk in at 10:20 PM, and I walked up a gigantic set of stairs in four inch heels, the bouncer then cared to inform us that the bar was “closed”. So there we were standing like two deers in headlights, and way over dressed for a candy bar, without drinks and without shame.

It was bitterly FREEZING outside and getting to the meatpacking district takes forever. So we hopped into a cab, I continued to sing (or attempted to sing) rihannas song “pour it up” all night long, and we finally ended up in the middle of cobblestones, between a “skate at your own risk” ice skating link, a beer garden, and a group of drunk men talking/stumbling in another language.

I was settled on going ice skating, but we ended up at Le Bain. Ever since the summer, my friends and and I stopped going out with “promoters”. We went out by ourselves, where-ever we wanted to, on whatever day we wanted to. We knew bouncers by a first name basis, didn’t know the definition of the word line, and loved life. We even partied with princes from Monaco at the Ganservoort, danced at their table, and drank champagne all night long (but thats a different story).

So Mauro and I have slowly but surely started to go out solo. Long story short we make it to Le Bain, decide we want to go inside Boom Boom room (which is guest list only), get inside boom boom and finally start of the night.

I also brought a new Celine bag yesterday (with birthday money that my grandfather had given me) that is beige-ish, but secretly im craving the Celine Phantom alligator in black. Of course this impulsive buy from Barneys came after walking in Hermes, and contemplating getting the “H” bag (which is referred to as the Evelyne). In comparison to the five figure birkin, the Hermes bag is cheap ranging from $2,750+, practical, and best of yet: rarely seen or known about.