• Mercedes Benstock

Moving From NYC To The Suburbs

Updated: May 17

The past few days I've been thinking about how I can take my blog to that "next level" as it's something i'm so passionate about. Inadvertently it's turned into a food blog the past few months with F-Factor posts daily. While I love F-factor (and food..) I want to start sharing more into my life whether that's home decor, fashion or family etc. There's so much more to me than F-Factor waffles! (swear).

I wanted to start with what it's really like moving from NYC back to the suburbs. It's been about 6 months and to much surprise, I don't miss living in NYC. I miss certain factors, like walking across the road to Equinox or getting a manicure on a whim, but other than that I'm so happy that the two of us moved. I finally grew up enough to realize that Aspen deserved a proper school experience (yellow school bus and all...), a yard to kick a soccer ball around, and just more normality in general.

Now in college I loved NYC. I moved out at 18, lived in a penthouse with my dog Barnby and went to nightclubs on a daily Basis, so much so that I even named a goldfish after one (Tenjune).

The city was my playground and I was convinced that I would live there forever, until I saw two pink lines on a pregnancy test, and my parents then decided to rent the PH out.

I lived at home for a little bit until I found a job in NYC and earnt enough money to rent a studio in NYC. I was paying $3400 for a 450 sq ft studio on Wall Street - just for simple amenities like a gym (that I couldn’t use because helloooo demanding job and 2 year old), playroom, rooftop, free breakfast on the rooftop M-f and of course a doorman/package room. The apartment had a washer and dryer, but no oven. That's what seamless was for. Right?

At this point I still loved NYC. The studio was small enough for me to keep a close eye on Aspen, the doorman gave me a sense of security, and daycare was only a 15 minute subway stop on the J train. Added bonus? I had two babysitters in my building.

It’s really not until last year, that I felt ready to move out of NYC. I’m not sure what shifted, but I think unless you can REALLY afford Manhattan and the lavish lifestyle of owning a townhouse, having a nanny, and unlimited funds to sip champagne all day everyday, then the city isn’t as fun as it seems. My eyes were finally open to the dangers of NYC.

Of course it took time to adapt and adjust after living in NYC for almost 9 years straight, but for once I was finally open to all of the benefits of the suburbs:

  • Having a lovely house & yard for Aspen to run around in

  • Close to my parents/siblings (babysitting...)

  • Great school districts

  • Close to the water (for us we are five minutes away!)

  • Having a car instead of having to take ubers/subways everywhere

I'm lucky enough to work in NYC, so I have the perfect balance of getting my city fix in when it's necessary for me to go into the office. Have you moved from a big city to the suburbs? What was your experience?