• Mercedes Benstock


You know you look terrible when you walk into Starbucks and the first thing you hear is “drink is on the house”. Thinking it would be semi normal to walk around Manhattan with a nose cast, and hat on (in disguise of course), I have gotten nothing but stares! Ok well I did expect a few, but really people who have face lifts, ahem Joan Rivers have to walk around like a mummy for a week, and that must be much, much worse. I have also gotten gasps. Everyone in my local Duane Reade and Starbucks know me on a name by name basis, as I have been living here since I was 18, and visit the two places quite frequently (especially the later).

As my surgery was medical, thankfully I haven’t had to go to college looking like I left a biore nose strip on my nose, but In Starbucks about 6/10 employees have asked me “what happened!”. As it hurts to talk, and I don’t wish to explain my medical history to the entire Starbucks family, I just said “I broke my nose,” thinking it would end there, they then said “how,” so then smart Mercedes answers with “getting in a car..i don’t know”. Lets blame the pain meds-and half the Starbucks family for being so nosey (ha ha).

Although I was convinced that I had high pain tolerance, wouldn’t be black and blue, and would be able to attend class the next day, I was wrong on all three accounts. I look dreadful! I also can’t smell or taste anything, including chocolate. As it is Friday, I might try and go into the city to buy Forty carrots” frozen yogurt. It would only take 1/2 an hour to get their, order and return. I also highly doubt that I would be getting as many questions and gasps as I have been getting here.

Apparently the worst part of the surgery is supposed to be when they take the packaging out of your nose, but luckily my Dr filled mine with dissolvable packing. I go back to the doctors early next week, and although I am excited to get the cast and the remainder of the packaging cleaned out, I am also half petrified, mainly because I have been reading nightmare stories of swelling, and I am nervous to walk around without the cast and accidentally get knocked or something of the sort-talk about never satisfied!

Anyway I know this is probably way to much information, but for the first time this morning I could breathe out of my right nostril (hahaha) I was so thrilled and typed to Mauro that “I felt like a baby taking it’s first breath of fresh air!”(poor Mauro) As I haven’t been able to breathe properly since I was 8, I felt on cloud nine. That was of course until my Starbucks encounter.

Usually I wouldn’t hesitate to post pictures of the last couple of days, but these last couple of days have consisted of pain medicine, a couch smothered in blankets and pillows which I call the “cacoon,” Sex and the City DVDS, and anything and everything soft. If I can be brave enough to exit my apartment and head into the real world-I will be sure to post some pictures.

For now I have included some pictures of Barnby, the only acceptable photographic one at the moment!

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