• Mercedes Benstock

"Naked Fashion" from London Fashion Week

Did you ever picture wearing toilet paper on your jacket, as the newest form of fashion? nor did we. From Tom Ford’s elegant offering, to the star-Studed Burbery Prorsum show, London Fashion week is in its full swing of style.

However it wouldn’t exactly be Fashion week if there wasn’t some preposterous designs thrown into the mix. After all, fashion is all about creativity, innovation and the unexpected. So which young designer, decided it would be a good idea to send her models out with rolls of toilet paper in the name of fashion? The Scottish designer Louise Gray. Gray did not only create jackets, or as us Brit’s call them “coats” with toilet paper, but she also draped them in forms of rings and bracelets. There was also, hair accessories made from recycling bags, belts made from foil trays, and earrings made from custard “tart tins” (close your jaw!).

So what exactly is Ms Grays logic behind the madness? “I’m into recycling-it’s a nice concept” the designer told British Vogue after the show. But she wasn’t the only one whose quirky designs made headlines. The designers of KTZ, who graduated from the prestigious Central St Martins University, has a history of making fun and bold collections. This year they boldly sent there models, strutting down the runway wearing some very bizarre headgear.

“One model completed her red boulce jacket and pleated skirt combo with a headpiece resembling a toilet roll holder. Another model teamed her monochrome outfit with a black face mask, adorned with knives, whilst another wore horns over her eyes” notes Bianca London, a writer for the Daily Mail.

Then there is also Fyodor Golan, known for their shocking statement pieces. In comparison they gave Grays and KTZ a run for there money. Sending models down the runway with huge disc shaped “headdresses” in crazy graphic prints, and long-sleeved mini dresses with daring “necklines” barely covering the model at all (as you can see!).

Pam Hogg continued the “Dare to Bare” trend this Saturday, at “Fashion Scout”. The Veteran designer chose to stage her show to the electro beats of Carter Tutti. Hogg proudly sent her models down the catwalk in their “birthday suits” accessorised with barely there capes that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Then there was the “Sister by Sibling” runway show, that provided some more outlandish fashion. From Enormous knitted hats, super-sized knitted stockings, and floral crochet ponchos, it was certainly one of the most peculiar fashion shows.

Even growing model Cara Delevinge couldn’t hide her shock, parading down the runway with an uncharaceristically “glum” expression on her face.

And last but not least there was “Itsy Bitsy Vintage, giving a whole new meaning to the term “vintage”, who created a “collection” of lingerie out of second hand fabrics.

Second hand lingerie? No thank you!