• Mercedes Benstock


Negligence: Miss Mercedes Chloe ( myself) neglecting her lovely blog. As I have been busy with college, finding the (absolutely fantastic) RIGHT guy, marketing, unneeded shopping, and styling, I have completely and utterly forgot to blog. So my new “new” months resolution is to try and post each and every day. Despite workload (yes, that includes shopping trips, my law homework, and my marketing/styling internship) that shall remain anonymous, sort of like my ex boyfriend.

So, where do I start? I guess I can start with the fact that theres a hurricane hitting NY. Many New Yorkers are hectic-ly freaking out about this hurricane with the nickname “frank-en-storm” getting emergency supplies, food, water etc. Thankfully my building has a generator, and my idea of being “supplied” was on Verve Cliqout, and a vintage bottle of 1981 Merlot (that I accidentally used/opened to cook with rather than drink).

As for my life update: Still going to college in manhattan, working as a social media marketer, and interests remain: Fashion, Men (Ok, now that I actually have the RIGHT boyfriend I should change this to man), and Pierre Jouet. Added interests: Styling, marketing, social media and of course fashion design, which I also have been neglecting.

On the positive side I did get to see my boyfriend on wednesday, see Armin Van Bureen at Lavo on Thursday in VIP , and acquire two pairs of LAVO sunglasses, and a glowstick (thanks to my two friends).

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