• Mercedes Benstock

Networking In NYC

Friday morning we were stuck on the F train for 36 minutes. Being clostophobic you can already guess where this story is leading to. All things considered, I was surprisingly calm and composed-I even considered walking the subway carts and asking if anyone was looking to buy or sell at one point (I kid you not). 

The humidity was high, patience low and the AC kept switching on and off which wasn’t helping matters. Long story short, all of this got me thinking on how to network in NYC. I watch Aspen who could literally spike a convo with a banana if he needed to. He’s so social and makes new friends with anyone and everyone (to the point where I worry about stranger danger).  

Networking for kids is such a simple concept, yet for adults you really need to put yourself out there. Join a club, attend events, say yes to dinners or drinks. Be present, be outgoing and live for the now.