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New Boston Marathon Information

So due to a very unnecessary “anonymous” commenter, I have decided to make commenting private. If you have something to say, please do so. Not behind a cowardly computer screen. “Bullying” is never “cool” let alone over the age of 12. It’s actually more humorous than anything, that people at 20-something years of age, have to post anonymous, unnecessary, and cruel comments, for the sake of nothing. And to that very wise and brave “anonymous” commenter congratulations for achieving nothing. Except for bad Karma. ________________________________________________________________________________ *Warning: Graphic Images*

Back to relevant topics, and a relevant perspective on things that really do matter-as the days go on, more and more information is being released about the terrorist attack that took place on Monday. New photographs are being submitted to the FBI that reveal the scene before and after the second bomb detonated.

As the numbers go up, it has been confirmed that three people have died, 183 people have been injured, and at least 23 of those people are left in critical conditions. Inevitably and due to the nature of the anti personal “claymore” devices meant to maim on the battlefield, a lot of amputations have needed to be performed.

A group of soldier’s competing in the Boston Marathon wearing 40lb backpacks in honor of fallen comrades, found the strength to tear down barricades and free the trapped victims. Immediately after the explosions went off at the race. Photos emerged showing the soldier’s dressed in fatigues running toward the site of the attack and mobilizing in response.

A law enforcement official told CBS News that the two bombs that exploded were made to both look like they were discarded property, but it is still unknown if one or both of the bombs were in the garbage cans, as new photographs show a suspicious bag next to a mailbox, placed by a barricade along the marathon route.

FBI agent Richard DesLauries has confirmed that items from the first blast have been recovered and are being sent to a speciality facility at the FBI headquarters in Quantico, in hope that they will discover the killer or killers.

“We will go to the ends of the Earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime — and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice” DesLauriers said.

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