• Mercedes Chloe

New Years Eve!

My New Year’s Eve in 2011 was another extreme. I decided to host a huge party. From decorating, to cooking, it took me about 24 hours to prepare for a party I had arranged 48 hours before hand. It ended with champagne stains on my rug, a broken soap dish from bergdorfs, and me (literally) trying to spray stain remover all over the place. On a positive note, everyone had a brilliant time,and as they say, a successful hostess, is having jubilant hosts.

As for this New Year’s Eve, it was perfect. A little out of the ordinary and as most people would put it “daft” but all sentiments aside, perfect. I had my first New Year’s Eve kiss with the man I love, played with our new adopted and ADORABLE puppy named Barnby, and ate gratifying food.

So enough with my love life and on to Barnby. Barnby is a shitzu adopted from North Shore Animal League. So far his favorite foods are: White bread, and apparently McDonalds Ice cream cones, given that he jumped out of my lap and licked Mauros, day one of having him.

Aside from steeling Ice cream, Barnby is the perfect non pup-pup. He is about two years old, has fluffy gray skin, big brown eyes, and enjoys looking, and sleeping right by the window. Examining the gorgeous Manhattan Sky Line. Much like myself.

Barnby was at North Shore Animal League since December 7th. He had surgery on his neck, and an upper respiratory infection, and needed lots of TLC. So thats exactly what we promised to do. We have to give him four medications (morning, and night), take him for lots of walks, and of course give him lots of love.

Of course as Mauro lives in New Jersey, Barnby will be living with me. But so far he seems like a fantastic little one. He loves baths, naps, and doesn’t even flinch at a vacuum.

So that was our New Year’s Eve. Adopting a puppy in need of love, and setting up his new home.