• Mercedes Chloe

NYC rooftop pools

In the city, 90 degree days can either mean: tanning, or torture. So if you need a rooftop pool for the day, I’m here to help. Lets explore the top 6 pools to beat the heat:

SoHo house.

This is a members only club, and probably the most desirable pool/poolside in Manhattan. Aside from having a hip atmosphere, it also offers spectacular views of the Hudson River and the West Village. But don’t hold your breath on getting exclusive membership. You need two existing members to write you letters of recommendation, a picture along with career history, and about 3 grand to sign up to SHNY every house (giving you world wide access). It’s called exclusive, for a reason.

The Gansevoort Park Avenue

On a much more moderate side (in comparison to SHNY) There is the rooftop pool at the Gansevoort. There yearly round pool offers stunning views of the Empire State Building, and the heated pool has a collapsible garage door allowing both indoor and outdoor swimming at your convenience. FYI: you do need to be a hotel guest, but no application needed for membership!

Thompson LES

For more of a gritty-glam environment, Thompson on the lower east side is the place to go. Plush orange lounge chairs are placed around a black and white Andy Warhol filmstrip pool. Hotel guests can enjoy cocktails and food, as they lounge and enjoy. FYI: you do need to be a hotel guest.

Ok so enough with the teasing, yes there are a few pools that don’t require membership or a hotel room. Hotel Americano: La Piscine The pool at Hotel Americano is called La Piscine in proper french fashion, and on a positive note: open to the public. They feature cozy cabana’s and daybeds for sunny poolside chilling. They claim to have a Latin-french fare along with delicious drinks. But do they serve macaroons?

The James Leave sticky Manhattan behind and head straight to the rooftop at the James for a modern and swanky escape. This pool is open to the public on weekends from 12 PM-5pm and has an indoor bar. Did I mention their food is provided by David Burke Kitchen?

Le Parker Meridien For something a little more Uptown, head to Le Parker Meridien. Located on west 56th street. For $100 your day pass can get you 42 floors above street level, sunbathing in direct sunlight. Towels are included for you and you can order food poolside or head downstairs to eat. Just make sure to head over early on the weekends, as day passes are limited and sold on a first come first serve.