• Mercedes Benstock


Observation. From Uggs to mugs. Living in NYC, we get the best of both worlds. Whether we want to or not we are exposed to over 1,000 different people (on a daily basis). Our eyes are prone to observation, interpretation and judgment. Taking a subway almost everyday, I can openly admit to seeing it all.

From the guy dressed in last nights clothing (with a paper bag of vodka underneath him), to the woman with a baby sling begging for money, and the three teenagers trying to sell stolen and stale candy for just “$1”.

As Mauro and I were going on a “downtown adventure” (as he put it), we decided to observe our surroundings. He noticed “his Tods sticking on the floor” (typical)! While I was in deep thought as to what I would later blog about. As he started to talk to me, I started to type away on my iphone about ideas. From the crowds, to the art, everything made a statement.

After missing our stop and getting off at Broadway & Lafayette, we were welcomed to a huge Crate and Barrel, followed by crowds of tourists. I wondered my way into Victoria’s Secret (looking at bikinis) while Mauro looked for the closest Starbucks using “Siri”.

Finally, after spending 1/2 an hour in Victoria’s Secret (poor Mauro), and spending my $20 angel reward card (the perks of being a shopaholic) we made it to Starbucks.

Mauro proclaimed we had “uptown problems“when I said a line of 37 people was “ridiculous” and we needed to find another Starbucks for him to get his coffee fix. He then decided that instead of having coffee, he wanted to get “a Brussels waffle” from “wafels n dinges” (A popular waffle speciality truck, located in NYC). As we were walking towards this “special truck” of his, we got lured into Bloomingdale’s by a Nylon representative, ending up in the mens department-on the bottom floor.

Well apparently some party was going on in Bloomingdale’s that led us to, two djs, great music, and…jeans (no hors d’oeuvres or champagne, but we did make the best of our little trip together by trying on multiple pairs of sunglasses and laughing at our silliness.

As we were about to leave, I ended up bumping into an old friend who I used to work with at Bendels. Chatting away I found out that she works at one of my favorite makeup counters (Benefit) and told her that the next time I needed something, I would most defiantly stop by and purchase it from her. I was majorly excited and once again, not surprised at how small the world actually can be!

After making it to the waffle truck, realizing the line was also absurd (for waffles, at least)!, we decided to negotiate our cravings down to ice cream. Heading to the fro-yo truck and sharing a vanilla soft serve with sprinkles, we were expecting the best for $7. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to our expectation, and the flavorless dessert ended up in the garbage (fail).

By this time it was 4 Pm and we decided to head home and start planning what we would do tonight. As most of our friends are in Miami, we negotiated it down to Boom Boom room (simply because the song “I follow you” was blasting in Bloomingdale’s). But where we actually end up, will be decided half an hour before we head out (thanks to my indecisiveness!).