• Mercedes Benstock

October in NYC

I can't believe it's almost Halloween, which means it's almost thanksgiving, which means before we know it Fifth ave will be full of Christmas decor and tourists looking at there iphone every five seconds trying to navigate the city. 

The good news is that Aspen is over "terrible two's" which now seem like a breeze in comparison to three. Three is an age of saying anything and everything, dropping goldfish on the subway floor with the expectation to double fist them back into your mouth, and the demand to get your own way 24/7. 

Up until yesterday, when we were walking up and down the isles of Target at 10 am-It hasn't really felt like October in NYC. I'm not a fan of Pumpkin either which is surprising, given that I was a frappachino fanatic for years. I grew up in a household where every holiday was celebrated, which I cherished. Whilst eager to do the same for Aspen, there is only so much decor I can fit in a studio.