• Mercedes Benstock

Outer Aisle

The English in me loves two things: Cadbury’s and carbs. The New Yorker in me? All about the cauliflower. From cauliflower rice, crust and even gnocchi, it seems as though this versatile vegetable can substitute all. 

As I’m starting to do more collaborations and reviews on companies, I’m conscious of writing honest reviews and viewpoints. 

Remember that Paris Hilton/Carls Jr. ad in 2014 when she bit into a burger that we all know she never ate? My blog will never be that burger. 

I’m an open book. I state my mind and wear my emotions. So back to the versatile vegetable paragraph; the first time I ever made a cauliflower pizza crust I was extremely frustrated. I had to buy this bag on Amazon, squeeze the excess water out and long story short spent 4 hours in the kitchen before confusing parchment paper with wax paper and almost lighting the kitchen on fire. Kid you not. 

When companies started to release pre-made crusts (genius) we tried a variety of brands ranging from Trader Joe’s to Green Giant but were far from impressed. They all tasted soggy. Cheesy but soggy, and a far taste from pizza crust. Even more frustrating? The fact that these crusts typically contain so much oil, eggs, and cheese that they’re barely any healthier than the real deal. 

I gave up on the concept and stuck to roasting my cauliflower until discovering Outer Aisle Gourmet on Instagram. Their catchy “Carbs Are Toast” tagline had me desperate to try. 

The pizza crusts were smaller but portioned, and for once didn’t crumble into 1000 pieces or almost burn my kitchen down. For 120 calories and 3 net carbs, these were an instant win. And a tasty win at that. 

Even better? Their sandwich thins (pictured above). Each thin has 50 calories, 2.5 grams of fat and 2 grams of carbs. They come in three different flavors: original, Italian and jalapeño and can be used in replacement for pancakes, bread, taco shells or even lasagna. 

Skip or spend? This brands a spend!