• Mercedes Benstock

Outgrowing Manhattan

If you would have asked me five years ago if I would ever outgrow Manhattan, I would laugh. Fast forward to 3 degree weather and a 475 sq ft studio (with a very energetic toddler) it's fair to say things have changed. 

Im noticing the excessive subway stench, the never ending problems with the MTA, and all in all the expense. They say that Manhattan is a playground for the rich and boy is that true.

I debated  on writing this post, then taking the B train downtown heightened my urge. You know you've had enough when you're in a rush to get to Delancey & Bowery and the B train decides to reroute and not stop (bringing you deep into Brooklyn). I asked a woman on the subway next to me if the train didn't stop, and she looked up, took her headphones out-and ironically told me to "listen" as if I wasn't sitting there waiting for an announcement for 25 minutes riding above ground. 

The older I get (and Aspen gets) the more I find myself craving a house, a car, and some Financial stability that is never going to happen when paying over 3k for a studio. Uber & Seamless you don't help either.

I'm suddenly learning that unless you can sustain the lifestyle- Manhattan isn't all it seems. Sure, you have everything at your fingertips-but what is everything in a deep hole of debt?