• Mercedes Benstock

Park Avenue Spring

Yesterday I won sibling of the year award as I willingly went into Times Square. A tourist attraction, and for those that live in Manhattan: a New Yorkers worst nightmare. From people walking in slow motion, staring at maps and walking around in circles, to stand stills looking upwards, crazy dancing Hello Kitties and Elmos charging $10 for a picture, and then of course the disgusting scented food carts on each and every corner. Did I also mention grid lock? Even in weather that felt like winter?

Anyway there are some good “attractions” in Times Square, especially if you have had a mimosa, or two before hand. As my family headed into the city for the weekend, we went to “Park Avenue spring” for brunch, where I ordered: two glasses of champagne, a spring salad with citron vinaigrette and ricotta pancakes, with yuzu creme fralche and strawberry rhubarb jam. My gallant little sister had a more risqué dish which was the “Fried Chicken and waffle sandwich”. To much surprise (more so my sisters), both dishes were quite palatable, and I would definitely go back there.

We then headed to Times Square, going to Ripley’s believe it or not for my other little sister’s birthday. I was a big kid as I enjoyed in, on the very exciting/mirthful exhibit.