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Pictures explain all

So as from the title you can clearly get where this is going. As my writing decreases and my photos increase you know one of two things a) the weather’s getting nice enough to go outside and stop being a hermit hidden inside what I call my “cacoon” (a mixture of many pillows, comforters and a tiger blanket) or b) i’ve turned completely lazy. Well instead of being in complete denial, i’ll admit after a crazy weekend out in Manhattan and a week of upcoming finals, my posts will most likely be more picture orintated. Especially after memorial day weekend in the Hamptons.

So where to start? Today was a day full of sun, drinks, and healthy eating. Mauro and I also picked up a bottle of Belvedere for the venture ahead of us (which can be seen below). The red Belvedere is special because 50% of profits go to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. So it was a good investment for the summer and more importantly to help people become aware and help the fight to eliminate HIV/AIDS.

On a more uplifting note, aside from my final exam tomorrow I also have a yoga class at night. I have mixed feelings about workout classes because im always afraid that in yoga I will be the girl laughing at ” The Downward Doggy” pose, or in Zumba the girl that can’t keep up with the 40 something (in shape) women dancing next to her. That being said im very excited to use my brand new yoga mat and wear my VS yoga pants! Now time to shop for a zumba outfit…