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Is there such thing as privacy? Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare my instinctive answer would be no. Not only do we post pictures, tag friends, or “check in” at locations,but we are also enabling those who are friends or even friends of friends keep track of where we are. As my Facebook privacy settings are set to: friends only, I was under the misconception that only my friends were able to view my photos. Well, I was wrong. Apparently even with privacy settings, strangers can still view all of your profile pictures. Unless you customize each and every default to “friends only”. Then there is foursquare which I never quite understood.

Unless you want an invitation to get kidnapped, you certainly should not be tracking where you are every minute.

Anyway, aside from being freezing and feeling like I have the flu, I decided to get my hair done. Spontaneously. As the salon I usually go to is closed for renovations (within the St Regis hotel), I was waking around Chelsea, makeup less and miserable. I then realized that I was certainly in no state of form to go back to school, looking and feeling like the way I did. So after walking and getting semi lost downtown, I finally walked past a hair salon called Platinum. It was defiantly different from the St Regis, but I figured it would be a temporary replacement. I also figured that as it was called “platinum” they must know how to handle blondes.

As soon as I walked in, I felt like I was at a club. The music was blasting, hair dryers were blowing, and stylists were dancing. I was defiantly skeptical of sobriety, but I decided that as hair grows back, and they were available to squeeze me in (unlike Warren Tricomi) I might as well give it a shot.

So I was then introduced to Steven, who told me “I needed a hair makeover”. So after sitting in a chair for 4 hours (getting highlights, deep conditioner, and a hair cut ) chatting amongst subjects such as: boyfriends, nightlife, and Kim Kardashains pregnancy, I was finally ready to leave Platinum salon, platinum.

I can officially say my hair has never looked blonder, and that steven is my new go-to guy when looking for a quick hair touch up (even though it took four hours), or looking for the latest celebrity gossip. Once my hair was finally finished, I walked outside to a cold awakening, of snow. Every taxi was taken, so I figured instead of standing outside for an hour, I might as well grab the subway uptown.

After getting on a very crowded subway, I finally managed to find an open seat. The man next to me was blind, with a guide stick (which I was oblivious to at first). So once the subway stopped for about 15 minutes due to “train traffic ahead of us” he started talking to me about how precious life is. I thought his positivity and mentality was astounding and realized that there is more to life than what meets the eye. He explained that he had been blind since birth, yet always lived with an affirmative attitude. Before I had time to say goodbye, he left the next stop. Five stops later, I finally got off the train to find even more snow.The only difference is that I saw it as a blessing, opposed to an inconvenience.

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