• Mercedes Chloe

Playboy brochure from the 1960s

Not that I ever slightly considered joining the playboy bunny club circa 1960’s (before I was born), but sometimes history outside of textbooks can be interesting.

Playboy clubs were exclusive nightclubs, bars, and casinos that started in Las Vegas and expanded through New York, London and Tokyo through the 1980s. The young waitresses were the signature attraction at the clubs, wearing skimpy bunny costumes, complete ears and a fluffy tail.

A brochure promoting Hugh Hefner’s Playboy clubs in the early 1960’s touted glamorous lifestyles. From custom outfits, meeting celebrities, and promises that “you’ll earn far more than other girls”.

While some of the bunnies were former Playboy magazine models, most were aspiring actresses, models or singers, hoping to enter the “glamorous” world of Playboy. The vintage literature was first posted on the site Ex-Playboy Bunnies, and later published by BuzzFeed. It stated that”Bunnies have no standard height and weight requirements, but a Bunny must be properly portioned”also containing a checklist, asking that bunnies must have “a charming personality, a cheerful disposition and an attractive appearance”.

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