• Mercedes Benstock

Princess of Darkness

From wearing crop top Bart Simpson sweaters, to skin tight patterned leggings, Cara Delevingne indubitably wants to make a statement for herself, after skyrocketing to fame last year. But is the global style icon getting fashion tips from other people?

Yesterday the model of the moment stepped out wearing a head-to-toe black outfit and round lens tinted sunglasses (similar to Ozzy Osborne) as she headed to the Vogue Festival in London.

But the 20 year old looked relatively low key, in comparison to some of her other wacky street styles, as she headed out to the Southbank Center for the fashion event. Instead of wearing a colorful spring inspired outfit, matched to the 68 degree weather over here, Cara opted for jet black colors, looking like she should be fronting a metal band.

The in demand star wore a pair of super skinny jeans, a loose fitting black T-shirt and a fitted black jacket. Adding to her edgy day style, she also added a number of pendant necklaces and rings on her fingers. Cara opted to keep her blonde locks loose and un-styled as she breezed through the town, wearing no makeup. But we can’t say that the beauty wore all black, as she wore a pair of metallic silver high top sneakers with bright blue visible socks underneath. She also toted her favorite “#” black beanie later on in the day, and was seen holding a notebook with an interesting collage on the back of it.

Cara is one of many stars taking part in the weekend fashion event, which delves into every aspect of the fashion industry hosted by Vogue. On the first day, industry insiders such as: Vivienne Westwood, Natalie Massenet, and Liva Firth all took part in the panel discussions.