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Rachel Zoe, Chris Brown & a Blizzard

Outside is literally a bloody blizzard, and to all my fellow Brit’s out there reading this, I am sorry for cursing (swearing) but really! I thought it was supposed to warm up in March, not snow! The worst part about the entire ordeal is that I went out well prepared. Vera Wang fur hat-check, Montclair jacket-check, velvet leggings-check, turtle neck-check, can’t feel a part of my body-check check and check! It’s a mix of slushy snow.

So back to topics of interest. A pilot program that would allow New Yorkers to hail yellow cabs by using a smartphone application was blocked by a judge on Thursday, handing the upper hand to those black “private car” companies that said the program threatens their business. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Huff granted a request from the livery companies to freeze the new “e-hail” application that had been scheduled to begin today. The “freeze” will be in effect until March 18th when the two sides are due to return to court and argue the merits of a lawsuit brought by the black cab (livery companies) against New York City. The E-hail app would allow people to use there phone and hail a cab. Taxi drivers would be able to receive such requests and confirm pickup locations. I personally think this would be wonderful and beneficial to every New Yorker, and hope that the application gets the “go-ahead” to become live.

Did you finally adjust to Facebook’s timeline? Don’t get to comfortable. Facebook is yet again getting a new “face”. The social networking website unveiled its new design yesterday during a news conference at its Menlo Park California headquarters. The redesign aims to combat news feed clutter and features a more stream lined interface, putting an emphasis on photos. The new minimalist design will be similar to the Facebook application, than the current layout online. “A lot of what your seeing is a very mobile-designed ethos”- Chris Cox (Facebook’s Vice President of product) told reporters. The mobile based look aims to create more of a consistency, between all platforms. “Its amazing how much more modern and clean this feels just because we’ve adopted tablet and phone properties” states Cox. Additional features include pictures and maps for “check-ins” and a follows feed which will now allow users to tailor the content appearing in their news feed. The last major update to Facebook was in September of 2011. Since then the company has incorporated advertisements directly into the feed and has shifted its focus to creating more of a mobile experience because people now access the social network from their smartphones and tablets opposed from computers.

So enough about technology and lets talk celebs . Chris Brown and Rihanna have been all over the website, magazine covers and of course TMZ. So what’s this with Chris brown flipping out over $10? It’s no shock that Chris Brown has anger issues, but does he also have money issues? According to TMZ, the volatile singer supposedly flipped out over a $10 parking charge Wednesday night, throwing threats at the parking attendee who notified Brown of the fee. The incident occurred after Brown went to a bowling alley in Studio City California for a charity event. Since he was only at the event for half an hour, he felt like he shouldn’t have to pay anything. Apparently someone in his entourage was heard trying to calm Chris down, offering to pay, but Chris was overhead saying “We gonna turn this whole thing on out, F—–g ten dollars”. Calm down Chris! It’s hardly going to make a dent in your wallet.

As everyone was going “bananas” over the return of Rachel Zoe’s show, I was more surprised that Bravo was premiering both “The Rachel Zoe Project” and her former assistant(Brad Goreski’s) new show “It’s a Brad, Brad world”. Both Rachel and Brad are still not on speaking terms. “She doesn’t speak to me and that’s fine” Goreski told Andy Cohen, he also added that “My door’s always open. At the moment that’s not her choice”. Lets just hope Andy doesn’t try to bring the two together for a reunion on his show “Andy Cohen live”.