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Red Eye

So yesterday I flew to London from NY overnight. Thinking that I would be able to get some sleep, all failed when I went into the Virgin Atlantic lounge prior to the flight, and over the due course of two hours saw someone that looked like a (late) twenty something Brad Pitt, along with an old man who introduced himself to me while sitting and waiting for the rest of my family. Well there was something perverted about this old man because from the get go I noticed eyes staring at me, and then the next thing I knew he popped himself in front of our table, and said hello. I just smiled and hoped he would get the hint that I wasn’t interested in him, or anyone over the age of fifty for that matter.

Well I was wrong, as he continued to circle around my table while smiling at me. Next was the Brad Pitt look alike two tables along. He was clearly from England and seemed to be talking to his ipad while holding it up and around in the air. I put two and two together that he was facetiming or something of the like, but kept laughing at how funny it looked.

Anyway as the creepy guy finally became out of sight,out of mind, I go to board the plane of course loosing my ticket (finally I found it 15 minutes before our flight was scheduled to take off) and there was Mr Brad Pitt (look alike) sitting in my seat. So instead of approaching him directly, I went and told an air steward that someone was sitting in my seat. Then he moved over to the window seat, as I sat next to him and then as I looked to my left, there was Mr creepy who kept drinking more & more and didn’t stop staring at me.

I wanted to move immediately, as Brad Pitt was intimidating (ha ha ha) and quite. Also for the hell of it I had a sparkly gold (think Breakfast at Tiffany’s) eyelash eye mask, and a pink fluffy neck pillow. Stylish-no, Great impression- no, comfy-yes. At this point all I wanted to do was fall asleep, but I couldn’t because our flight was delayed for two & a half hours due to the fog.

After we took off and Brad Pitt was in a deep sleep, the creepy guy was still staring at me nonstop, so I decided to move next to my dad even though my parents thought I was overreacting (typical!). Then we hit turbulence badly, and our whole flight was kind of like a roller coaster. All I kept thinking about was shopping, 99 Ice Cream cones, and how I hate flying. I drifted off to sleep, woke up around 12 Am New York time and was told that there was 5 hours left of the flight. Five!? I fidgeted for most of the time deciding what to do, as my legs and entire body was hurting from Zumba and Yoga that my mom dragged me to before the flight. Literally during Yoga I was trying not to laugh the entire time, while falling right left and center, and during Zumba I felt like I could barely breathe!

As we arrived to the airport, and was about to walk through customs, the creeper (AGAIN!) turns back smiles, and looks at me. Luckily my mom witnessed the entire thing to realize that I wasn’t over reacting after all. But with less than one hours of sleep on a red eye, none of us were in a great mood.

Once we arrived to the hotel, one of my moms best friends from childhood and her two lovely children came to visit, and we all went out to Hyde park, which we expected to be 1/2 an hour trip or so. Well that 1/2 hour trip soon turned into two hours because the children all wanted to go on pedlows on the water. So at that point I decided to walk to Harvey Nichols, where I got tremendously lost in doing so and ended up in the middle of some protest going on, far far away from Kensington!

Eventually I ended up getting a cab back to the Lanesborough, bumping into everyone on the way back. That’s where I learnt that Poppy fell into the water, twice almost tippling the pedlow over, and that a man had to rescue her because my mom and Louise were in utter shock! (ha ha ha) only Poppy. Anyway needless to say and thank goodness, little Poppy is ok after worry, laughter and having a change of clothes.

Later everyone went out to lunch but I was to tired, so I decided to blog a little bit before my dad came back from getting his marathon number. After having a brief nap and my dad came back, we both went downstairs for Champagne, followed by a selection of finger sandwiches, home made scones, home made fruit preserves, clotted Devonshire cream, butter and of course a selection of tea to accent the pastries.

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