• Mercedes Benstock


Updated: Apr 12

So where do I start to update? Halloween was not your usual Halloween. Which is expected aftera hurricane. Mauro and I bonded over cleaning ( yes I made him clean, what a sweetheart) Macaroons, and shopping. Although living in NYC for many years, I never quite understood quite what a macaroon was made out of, or why half of manhattan Instagram pictures of them (which I later did).

We went into a small Laduree. Notorious for macaroons and split one. We both looked at each other in astonishment on how delicious this unbeknown vanilla macaroon was (especially after being confined to a poptart-special k-and rolo diet for 3 days straight.

As if cleaning my apartment wasn’t sweet enough Mauro also brought me the pair of shoes pictured a few posts down that I have been dreaming, thinking, and craving about. Ever since I first tried them on. It was a Carrie Bradshaw moment.

After we headed to Serafina, and went to the bar to get much needed drinks, while we waited for our table. It was packed but when we were finally seated we were placed between a sweet old couple, and another foreign couple and their friend. The music was blasting, the vibe was great and Serafinias 2X2 inch pumpkins placed on each table was just the perfect amount of halloween spirit that NY needed in a state of disaster.

As we were getting up to leave, the sweet old lady next to me whispered how cute Mauro and I were and “to never stop holding hands” over the table. For some reason something so small sparked something so big that I will probably remember for the rest of my life. But all sentiments aside, Mauro ended up leaving the day after (via ferry) and I headed into the office. A very empty office.

Over the past few days, watching New Yorkers walk to work, as well as watching the news and the devastation going on within NY and everywhere else effected by hurricane Sandy, I have been reminded how spontaneous life can be. One day everything can be fine, and the next day everything can be gone. It is such a scary concept beyond anyones control.

Anyway long story short this weekend my goals are to stay positive, pray for those who lost, and give to those in need.