• Mercedes Chloe

Reverse Psychology

Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone whose grandfather always jokes that he is going to be die. Apparently the jokes been around for years (bless him)! And my response to his proclaim was reverse psychology. He tells himself he is going to die-to stay alive.

So your probably wondering why I’m beginning a post with such a morbid topic, or why I am talking about death at 10 am on a Friday morning. But reverse psychology is a very clever technique. So lets become exactly clear on the definition. According to dictionary.com, reverse psychology (in nontechnical use) ” is a method of getting another person to do what one wants by pretending not to want it or to want something else or something more.”

But it doesn’t work on everyone, as people who hate being told what to do, care more about the power struggle itself than what the struggle is about. With that being said, I personally think that this is the reason why people do things that there told not to do, or told that they can’t do. When someone tells me (or tries to tell me) that I can’t do something, I am all for proving that person wrong-and doing exactly like that.

It’s kind of like when a child is told not to eat the cake in front of him. The first thing he now wants to do is eat the cake. Anyway on a completely different note lets talk about celeb biz/buzz. Simon Cowell has impregnated a married woman known as Lauren Silverman, Megan fox is pregnant with her second child, Ellen Degeneres is hosting the oscars, and Kim Kardashian finally appeared in a brief (pre recorded) video on her mother Kris Jenners chat show the same day that circulation sparks on Kourtney Kardashians third pregnancy.

Oh and once again Lindsey Lohan is out of rehab. As the summer days seem to be flying by, celebrity drama seems to be at an all time high, along with my (continuous) desire to go to the Bahamas and regain a suntan. Usually at this time of year I’m ready to go back to school, and get my brain back into action..but as I have been taking summer credits this year, it seems as though school never stopped and summer never started.