• Mercedes Benstock

Revive Superfoods

If you know me you know two things 1) The gym is my therapy and 2) I'm addicted to smoothies. The problem? Most people haven't a clue of what to look for (nutrition wise) when buying one (or some).

One of the first things I do when trying something new (or buying something new) is turn to the back. Calories aside, it's Important to consider all of the other facts (like Carbs, Fiber, Fat, Sodium, Sugar etc). Boring I know, I know but hey - health is wealth.

When Revive Superfoods "Slid into my DMs" (do people actually say that?!) to see if I wanted to collaborate - I was hesitant. It's hard to find a brand of ready made smoothies, that are actually "healthy" for you.

A quick backstory on R/S? they're a Canadian startup offering ready to blend smoothies. All of their cups contain farm-frozen whole ingredients that are 100% dairy free, no added sugar AND gluten free. Impressed? so was I.

They have fun flavors like "Pumpkin & Chill, Coconut Cream, Hazy Coco and Rise & Chai". If you missed out on the fun, here are some photos and a quick video that I shared with my followers!

So down to the question: Would I recommend? Absolutely. Aside from being completely effortless, these smoothies actually taste good.

Overall ranking? 7.5/10