• Mercedes Benstock

Room Rental In NYC

I can’t tell you how many times I place an ad for a room in a shared apartment, and people come back to me thinking that it’s an entire 6 bedroom 2 bathroom loft for $1500 per month in the heart of soho. 

Trust me, I want the same for $1500. But in Manhattan? Not happening. 

There’s pro’s and con’s to sharing a space-but with almost two years experience in the real estate business, I can tell you that almost all of my clients have had a positive experience in doing so.

For everyone’s safety (and piece of mind) we do a full background check on each of our clients- and have basic information such as name, age, gender and occupation. Forgot to lock your door? All of our rooms have keypad codes/locks and automatically shut behind you. 

Of course for certain people and situations, renting a room doesn’t make sense but as a student or young professional starting out- I would highly recommend. 

The average studio in Manhattan starts around $2800+ base rent, where as renting a room starts from $1200. Utilities are split amongst roommates and typically around $20 per month (sometimes even less for a larger space). And think about it- how often are you actually home to justify $2800 for 450 sq ft?

Interested in renting a room in NYC? Contact me at mercedes@apt212.com for more information.