• Mercedes Benstock

Running Journey

Two and a half months ago, I couldn’t even run a mile without getting out of breath. I hated running and didn’t understand how one could enjoy such a rigorous workout. 

One day I was on the elliptical machine at Equinox and saw “Precision Running” a class with 12 runners (all treadmills occupied). "I wish I could do that" I thought to myself. Within 40 seconds (or less) I realized that mentality was stupid and I COULD do that. I took one hand off the elliptical, went straight to the App Store and downloaded an application called “Running” it had a pink flame as the logo along with incredible reviews. 

At first I set a goal to run 5k which wasn’t easy. The training program goes in intervals (run 3 minutes, walk for 3 etc) and the goal is to run 3x a week gradually building up the momentum to run without stopping. The goal to run 5k eventually turned into 10k which has now turned into a half marathon. 

The first few weeks were agony, physically and sometimes mentally. I was suddenly doing high impact workouts which led to shin splints, sore ankles and consistent knee pain. I purchased countless rolls of KT tape in hope that it would help the aches and pains. But the best part? I didn’t give up. I ran through the pain knowing that I would come out stronger. The more I ran, the easier it would become. 

There were mornings where I didn’t want to get out of bed and mornings when I was in pain, but as soon as I hit the treadmill and pressed go on the application- I was devoted. 

When I first started running, I got asked a lot of “why's” Why do you run when you’re already so skinny? Why do you wake up at 530? Why this why that.

First things first I do not run to be skinny. I’ve been small my entire life and if you know me you know two things

1) I don’t own a scale and

2) I frequently finish pints of ice cream in a sitting (ask Dan), I eat healthy but I also have a sweet tooth.

So back to why? At first because I had to prove to myself that I could, but as soon as I ran my first mile with ease, I was hooked. I ran and felt free, powerful, and on top of the world (ok I know that sounds very lame & cliche, but it’s the best way to explain) Anything I set my mind to I could and can do. 

I relate my running journey to real estate. My first client was a travel nurse who had three days to find an apartment. I had no idea what to expect and was inevitably nervous knowing how quick the Manhattan market moves. 

The second apartment I showed, she ended up taking and from that moment I was also hooked. The amazing thing is that when you love what you do, and truly love what you do - the money is just a bonus and the same applies to running. I run because I truly enjoy it, sure it’s great if I can eat an extra portion of ice cream, but at the end of the day my weight and running are not affiliated