• Mercedes Benstock

Sample FAIL

Manolo Blahnik sample sale or meeting Ivanka trump? As ” I love it” blasted on my iPhone, saying ” I don’t care” every two seconds I started to think what Carrie would do. Well clearly she would pick the shoes.

But as Ivanka Trump remains to be my idol, I realized (this is obnoxious) that I could just go and buy a pair of regular priced Manolos at Bergdorfs. And so I should have. But as the subway passed 57th and 5th heading down to 38th to meet Ivanka, I then realized that I had somehow misread the invitation, and that the meeting was at 6 pm.

So here I am running up and down stairs inside the Rockefeller center subway deciding what to do when I see a subway heading uptown on the other side of the stairs. I was positive that I hopped on the right train, hoping it would bring me back to where I was going. Well needless to say: I was wrong. So after finally walking my way to the “Warwick” where the sample sale was held, I see chaos going on inside.

But that didn’t stop me from entering. If i was going to attend any sample sale, it might as well be a good one. So where do I start?

First and foremost lets start with how rude the employees were at the Warwick. A hotel I have never even heard of before finding out there was a sample sale there. Which is pretty embarrassing. I mean it’s barely exclusive if you have a public sample sale going on.

With tacky looking awning on the outside, and rude employees on the inside. It was clear as to why the hotel was located on 6th avenue, and not 5th. I don’t care who you are or what you do. Everyone should always treat you nicely. Especially employees at a hotel, isn’t part of their job hospitality?

Next were the unseen workers or volunteers for Manolo Blahnik. One girl dressed in camo pants (that didn’t fit), sneaker wedges, and a white baggy (ripped) shirt, claimed she worked for the brand. She proved her acquisition by taking 1990 slingback damaged shoes out of her bag as “proof” that she worked there. Well strangely enough it worked. As she was soon greeted by another worker, who was more appropriately dressed.

As people from upstairs continuously left empty handed, there was still ridiculousness going on in the lobby. The guard was stern on not letting anyone up. That being said I saw multiple people sneaking into elevators behind guards and pretending they had a room key. Another demonstration on just how unprepared and organized the entire event was.

At that point I had enough, and left. My first and last sample sale. The point of going was to blog about the experience, but as seen from the above: it failed. As for Ivanka Trump, I still intend on meeting her at 6 pm tonight, and should have stuck to my instincts on not attending the barbaric Blahnik event.

But I didn’t let rude people ruin my day, instead it inspired me to start the day. With a mimosa (or two) where I practically grew up at, the St Regis.

Lesson Learnt? To skip on sample sales, no matter how spectacular they may seem.