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Everyone who knows me, know’s that my favorite place to grab a quick lunch/dinner would be Serafina on 63rd and Park. It has been this way ever since I was six years old, and first introduced to the delicious food there, along with an introduction to the owner Fabio.

As time has inevitably progressed, so has my bittersweet love for their food. I even had a huge birthday there when i turned 14, which included a stretched hummer (I know it was tacky, but it was 2006!), 20 of my closest friends from Cold Spring Harbor High School (girls, and boys), the presidential suite at the Regency Hotel, tickets to Monty Python, Ice Skating in the park,room service, breakfast and over all: a night never forgotten amongst 14 year old attendees. I have naturally introduced many friends to their delectable menu, and of course now Mauro and I have become regulars, for a quick drink,brunch, lunch, or dinner.

So your probably wondering if I am a walking/talking advertisement for them at this point, which unfortunately the answer is no but that being said I decided amongst a glass of champagne, an arugula salad, and linguine that I would type about my favorite spots in Manhattan. Mauro was luckily with me to secure this promise, that I would post today, despite having homework in every subject.

The great thing is that once you have your own website, you can see stats on where your viewers come from. Of course I was expecting New Yorkers and fellow Brits! But I was shocked to find out that I have those who view from all over the world. In fact in the past six days I have had viewers from France, Israel, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China.

It’s thrilling to know that what I have to say gets read world wide, and so that’s why today I am writing about my favorite spots in Manhattan. Whether you are a tourist, or a native New Yorker, it’s always good to try new things!

Favorite Hotel: The St Regis. My favorite room is the Tiffany Suite there, but on special occasions the presidential suite is amazing. My favorite room is the living room. It has a mirror above the fire place, that is actually a television, once you figure that out of course.

Favorite Breakfast: Pancakes from the plaza Favorite lunch: Minestrone soup from Nello Favorite Dinner: Bilboquet Cajun chicken (without a doubt)! Favorite Drink: A glass of verve cliqout Favorite Dessert: Creme brule at Nello, or Vanilla/Raspberry Macaroons from Laduree (In a pink box)

Favorite restaurants (serafina was already noted)!:Il Mulino, Bilboquet (although they are currently in the mix of relocating), Nello, Le Cirque, Cipriani and Lavo (because thats where my first date with mauro was)!

Favorite part of manhattan: probably Madison Avenue for shopping, and the meatpacking district for a night out. I also love central park in the summer, and soho for random finds!

Essential shops: Bergdorf, Barneys, Tiffany (who doesn’t love the sight of diamonds?), and Duane Reade (I buy everything there!)

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