• Mercedes Benstock

shooting saturday

So what I have found intriguing, is that there are a ton of bloggers/writers out there who photo document their life. Although I do not intend to do this on a daily basis (as I don’t have a photographer following my every move), I decided to do my very best shooting Saturday. As soon as I woke up I took prince Benjamin button (aka Barnaby the 7 year old adopted shitzu who acts like a royal baby) for a walk. He didn’t want to get wet, or get his paws wet so he sat inside my lobby for 8 minutes before I finally had to carry him into the snow. We then walked to Starbucks for breakfast, but instead of the usual Vente coffee frappachino light, I had to bribe Barnaby to walk with food. I sat him outside and ordered him a croissant (spoiled brat I know)! A strawberry blueberry yogurt (for me) and the usual drink (even in snow).

After carrying Barnaby back home, i sat down, read Cosmo, and came to the realization that i go back to college in a matter of two days. After the first week of winter break i categorically could not wait to go back to school. Now that the time to go back is actually here, and that i am accustom to doing whatever i want all day (to some extent), I’m dreading the return. It also doesn’t help that i am returning back to school sick, and want to be wrapped up in a warm caccoon all day, rather than out and about running from building to building in 20 degree weather. All complaints aside i can only hope for a good semester, with good professors.

So as for my outfit goes today, I collaborated casual and classic. My accessories consisted of a quilted cream Chanel, and Manolo’s, paired with skinny Sevens, a gray top from Barneys and a sweater from Pretty Good. You can also see my super blonde hair/hair cut in the picture, which looked great until I went to sleep. I also wore the outfit with three bracelets, and a pair of gold vintage leaf earrings, gifted to me by my grandmother.

Anyway the newest hype that I keep hearing about is eyelash extensions. I admit, I have known about them for a while, but I just presumed that they were like fake eyelashes glued to your eyes. As I am naturally blessed with long eyelashes, I never really looked into having them done. It can cost up to $400 in Manhattan, and apparently you need to get them touched up every 2-3 weeks (costing an addition $90).

So are eyelash extensions worth it? If you can lay still for 2 hours with your eyes taped down, absolutely. That being said it is vital that you go to the right place, because if they use the wrong glue, your real lashes will fall out. It also becomes expensive figuring around $2560+ a year. So if you’re going to get them done, get them done right. The next hype that is no longer a hype is gel manicures. I used to love the concept of having a manicure that didn’t chip for two weeks. That lasted for around 3 months until one day my gel manicure ruined my nails, and chipped within two days. I also get sick of having the same color for two weeks, so for what its worth I would rather get a regular manicure.