• Mercedes Benstock

Skinny Food Co

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Being a social media marketer has it's pro's and con's, starting with the fact that I'm always glued to my phone, laptop or iPad at all times. I'm constantly scrolling through feeds, exploring handles and coming across new products. 

A few weeks ago in a sudden summer is coming - bikini's are coming type rush, I was searching through hashtags and came across The Skinny Food Co. Typically I'm sold at skinny, but decided to dig deeper into the company, starting with Instagram (@skinnyfoodco). 

Click the pic above to see their full product line!

After cruising their website, I was instantly attracted to (some very English) flavors such as: Custard, Golden Syrup and Easter Cream. Even more attractive? The fact that the syrups pride themselves on being vegan-friendly with ZERO calories and sugar.

After some serious insta-stalking (aka clicking on multiple #Notguilty & #Skinnyfoodco hashtags) I couldn't wait to review some of their products. Especially for 0 calories/guilt. 

The first sauce I decided to try was Smokey BBQ. It was rich, smokey, and perfect for mixing with chicken/fish. I have to admit, I'm not really a Barbecue fan EVER (unless it's on an 80 degree day by a pool out east), But this sauce tasted exactly like the real deal ranking a 9/10. Only set back? Real BBQ sauce is slightly thicker. 

Next up was Tomato Ketchup.  It doesn't taste like Heinz (where a single tablespoon can cost you 5 carbs and 4 grams of sugar) but the taste exceeded my expectations, which is coming from a harsh Ketchup critic. Someone who used to put Ketchup on EVERYTHING. Up until the point I got into a serious relationship at 25, and realized it was no longer socially acceptable to put ketchup on pizza or egg whites (especially in public). Ranking? 8/10.  

Now for the sweet stuff which completely sold me on the company! I've tried "sugar free" syrups before and been less than impressed. Most have a chemical taste with a water-like consistency. So when I opened up the Salted Caramel syrup I was instantly impressed. It was thick, sweet, and reminded me of real caramel! I decided to add a tablespoon to my F-Factor smoothie (a daily ritual) and was blown away. It was certainly my favorite out of the bunch. Ranking 10/10 

Last but not least (before this company review turns into a novel!)"Skinny Spread". If you love Nutella this ones definitely for you. It was smooth, nutty and chocolatey. Better yet? One serving has only 23 calories with 94% less sugar than typical brands. Ranking 8/10 as I wish the spread was calorie free. 

With new diet trends popping up every day (Keto, Whole 30, Low Fodmap etc) I have a feeling that these scrummy sauces & syrups are going to be flying off the shelf. 

Not only is Skinny Food Co the fastest growing condiment brand, but they recently announced that the products will be launching in the US! Spend or skip? This brands a spend!