• Mercedes Benstock

Social media linked to Plastic Surgery?

According to the daily mail more social media users are turning to plastic surgery after being utterly repulsed by the way that they look in pictures, or on video chats such as Skype and Facetime.

Social media images show people an alternative perspective on how they look by showing of unsightly and fatty parts of their body that they otherwise are oblivious too.

Robert K Sigal, a surgeon from California has even developed a specific procedure related to this new issue called a “Face Time FaceLift” ‘People don’t come in asking for a FaceTime Facelift per say,’ Dr Sigal said in a YouTube posting on his practice’s website. “What they’ll say is: ‘I don’t like the way I look when I’m video-chatting. I seem full and heavy under the neck'”

“With a good degree of frequency, people will come in and say, “I saw myself in the mirror, but I didn’t really notice it until I saw myself on Facebook or on my iPhone or iPad.”‘ He continued “When you look in the mirror you’re seeing the mirror image of yourself. But when you see yourself on social media, you’re seeing yourself the way the world sees you.”

A regular Skype user told Betabeat that she got a facelift after deciding that she had an “unattractive chin and wrinkles” whilst chatting with someone on a Skype video. “Going on Skype or FaceTime you definitely see it- it looks twice as big as it usually is, I just wanted a nice clean look when im conversing with someone on Skype”.