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Sophie Hinchliffe

If you don’t know who Sophie Hinchliffe is (AKA @mrshinchhome) you probably should.

Now you’re probably wondering how I came across Sophie’s Instagram and the answer? I have no flipping clue.

As a social media marketer, I’m constantly discovering new people, profiles and brands. One click leads to another, which leads to another-and before you know it you discover Sophie Hinchliffe.

Upon first glance, Sophie is an attractive blonde from Essex with an adorable son Ronnie and a golden cocker spaniel (who also has his own Instagram) Henry Hinch. She has a stunning home and (somehow, someway) makes cleaning look glamorous.

With over 3.2 million followers, she must be doing something right. I decided to dig a little deeper to see what all the hype was about and fair to say-Sophie has me wanting to pick up my feather duster and vacuum. I even went as far as pre-ordering her book on  “The Little Book Of Lists” being released next month.

I absolutely love a good list, and breaking tasks down (into days) to make them more “manageable”. So lets get down to some of Sophies top 5 tips:

#1) Wash your washing machine.

Fill the washing machine with Bathroom cleaner and give it a full wash in the machine. Afterwards, Sophie recommends wiping down the outside of the machine with Zoflora (US equivalent: Lysol)

#2) Make your stainless steel fixtures sparkle!

Whether it’s in your kitchen or bathroom – we all want our stainless steel fixtures to sparkle. Mrs Hinch told The Mirror that to clean her shower rail, she uses a B&M Scrub Buddy with Stainless Steel Cif (Try TJ Max or Amazon to buy a good stainless steel cleaner or wipes)

#3) Store pan lids upside-down to make space in your kitchen cabinets

Placing the pan lids upside down means you’ll be able to stack them on top of each other – genius!

#4) Keep bed linen sets in a pillow case

There’s nothing worse than a lost pillow case, or bedsheet that you spent over half an hour looking for. Keep everything together in a pillow case, with a tumble dryer sheet to keep everything together & fresh.

#5) Fabric conditioner to clean doors

Fabric conditioner mixed with water allows you to wipe down marks on doors without removing the paint. Who would have thought?!

The only downside is that if you Google Sophie (and do your due diligence) you will quickly find that all of her cleaning products are only sold in the UK-so I’ve created a US equivalent list on Amazon, for all of us aspiring to admire a feather duster as much as her here.