• Mercedes Benstock

spring cleaning via social media

While most people consider “spring cleaning” a clean of their house or apartment, my spring cleaning is confined to social media. Well sort of. I’m ashamed to say that I have 2,122 Facebook friends, probably five of which are my real friends (haha ok only joking, but you get the gist). I also follow 657 people on Twitter and my Instagram is impending down the same route, unless I seize my social media inquisitiveness (which will absolutely never happen).

So why do I have so many Facebook “friends”, follow so many people on Twitter, and feel the need to have an Instagram and share my every detail by picture? Well simply because social media has become the new form of marketing.

I first learnt this at one of my internships, where I watched a company virtually transform over night, all because of good social media and marketing strategies. It also convinced me to change my fashion merchandising major to international marketing with a minor in fashion merchandising (extremely appropriate given that MC is going international).

When it comes down to Facebook and Instagram, I am much more private on what I post, and who I accept as a friend. Twitter on the other hand allows you to say what you want, when you want, and to who you want.

Most people, indefinitely tweet away to a Kardashian, expecting a response, a favorite, or a retweet. I admit to having my moments when I get “retweeted”or a response from someone. My recent and most favorite favourite tweet was from Sir Richard Branson. #AH

Having flown Virgin Atlantic since I was 6 years old, I vividly remember drawing air stewardesses pictures, having a private tour of the pilot cock pit (before 9/11), and one specific (we can call this a diva moment) time when I hated my children’s meal served on board and cried, so the Virgin Atlantic crew gave me a fruit platter, the pilots fruit platter ( I was 7!). They also give children these fun backpacks, loaded with toys, so flying was always enjoyable, and yummy which it continues to be with their menus that they hand to passengers flying upper class and premium economy.

Fifteen years later I remain a frequent flyer of Virgin Atlantic and as Mercedes Chloe (the brand, not myself) expands, and I fly to different places, VA will remain to be my airline. Within those 15 years I have had wonderful customer service, experience and of course VA continues great marketing. Mr Branson himself frequently tweets and writes articles on his Linkdin which I frequently read and share.

Being a nervous flyer (thanks to my brother dragging me on that ride in Disney) Virgin always make my flying experience a joy, with movies on board, shopping on board, gourmet meals, beds (in first class) and a bar. It provides everything one could ever need, over the Atlantic Ocean, and I look forward to writing a post with pictures on my upcoming trip to London, with less than 30 years to go.

So given MTA subway delays, I ended up a tad bit late to my first class. While I was sitting on a bench underground waiting for the subway, I saw a little boy and his mother. The little and adorable boy was blind, but his spirit wasn’t. He was laughing, lively, and loving towards his mother.

I offered the little boy my seat, and was touched by his enthusiasm at life. Every time he heard the subway run in the other direction he would stand up ready to hop on the subway, but his mother explained to him that it was the subway going the other direction, and he sat back down listening cautiously.

As I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, I believe this happened to teach me to get a perspective. Instead of complaining about not being in Miami for spring break, I should be happy with everything that I do have, and everything that I can utilize living in one of the greatest city’s in the world.