• Mercedes Benstock


I first started styling when I worked as a social media coordinator in college.

There were frequently models walking in and out of our office located in the heart of Time's Square. Social media was starting to become big-and to grow our online presence I introduced the idea of  "styles of the day"to our CMO.

The company was called Promgirl, so everything revolved around prom dresses. In less than three months our social media increased by 420% (yes four hundred and twenty!) and I was putting together outfits with the dresses sold by the company. 

Within a few weeks, sales started to drastically increase and I started to help with photoshoots. A few people mentioned that I had a knack for styling- so I decided to give it a shot on my blog. I considered photographing myself but this became time consuming- especially given how picky I was with photos and angles.

I worked with polyvore to piece outfits together (often pairing high and low styles) and posted on a daily basis to acquire followers. A few years in and I even started to collaborate with companies over seas. The main reason why I like to photograph and pair the clothing without being in the pictures is so that the focus can be on the style itself. 

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