• Mercedes Chloe

Sunday Morning

Yesterday was the first time in WEEKS that I've finally felt like myself. Sure it ended up with eating a few extra carbs than needed for dinner - but I closed the kitchen immediately after and woke up in a good mood.

Five things I've realized this week (Feel free to scroll all the way down and straight to meals if needed..)

1) Hormones mess with your mood and appetite

I was recently put on the pill to try and regulate my hormones and stop these awful breakouts that keep reoccurring. Honestly? I'm completely against synthetic hormones, especially in my late 20's - but this was my last resort. I immediately felt more snappy and emotional to the point where I was in tears over a strangers engagement on IG. It's not fun but be patient and do your due diligence whenever taking a new pill (of any type) or supplement. Give your body time to adapt. Added bonus? My skins starting to improve already.

2) Weighing a certain amount isn't going to make you happy

Happiness starts with YOU! If you're deeply depressed or miserable at 150lbs, you're still going to be miserable at 140lbs and so on. Write down exactly what's bothering you and pinpoint a solution (or a few). Another thing you can do is get a gratitude journal from Amazon or write down three things everyday that you're grateful for. Mine would be: Family, Job, and Health.

3) Listen to your body and rely on hunger cues not the clock

I hate diverting from my usual routine, especially when it comes down to meal times BUT eating breakfast an hour earlier than usual has helped me focus less on food and feel more satisfied between meals. As I always say, it's important to experiment and see what works for you.

4) Eating the same meals is a recipe for disaster

If someone told you that you had to eat the same exact meals for three weeks, in order to loose a few pounds - would you do it? It just feels so restricted. Sure I really enjoy my Tuna Avocado Salad for lunch...but 7 days a week? It becomes boring, unadventurous and unenjoyable. You can Google or Pinterest so many recipes or salads/veggie bowls. Switch it up.

5) Write down a few things to do JUST for yourself every week

What is something that you really enjoy but never have the time to do? Now is the time to do it. Even if it seems impossible. It can be as basic as having a glass of wine, reading a chapter of a book or gardening. This has really helped me. If you're a mum I also recommend doing this with your child. It gives you both something to look forward to. Three things on my list: Paint my nails, have a bubble bath, and try new self tanner. Three things on Aspens: Cook banana chocolate chip muffins (Healthy ones of course) , Crayon canvas art, and 2 board games with me!