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What didn’t help was that there was drilling going on within the building, and my surgeon came in and joked that there was another surgery going on, and that was what the noise was! As you can imagine, my eyes then popped out of my head. Luckily they had a massage chair to sit in why you wait, and the next thing I knew I kissed Mauro a brief goodbye.

I then remember getting onto the surgical table, wrapped in a blue soft snuggie, getting an IV and then the anesthesiologist telling me that the anesthesia was getting administrated. Then I remember a gas mask and the next thing I know I am back on a bed, waking up asking when the surgery was happening. The staff were all lovely, and sent Mauro in. Apparently, and although I was still very out of it, I smiled when I heard his footsteps and he comforted me telling me it was all over with. I was able to sit back in the massage chair and eat a few crackers with water before being able to leave.

Mauro has been my nurse for the past few days (bless him)! I come home to a gorgeous arrangement of flowers, two balloons and he even got me Starbucks on the way home from the hospital! He has been helping take care of me, opening my (many) medications, and making sure I get lots and lots of rest. As yesterday was post op day 2, I decided to actually leave my bedroom (with a little bit of a struggle) and Mauro treated me to a cucumber spa manicure and pedicure. Adding a little pink, never hurts.

As for our puppy (who acts like an old grumpy man) Barnby, he is getting better and better. When we adopted him he was very sick, but Monday he gets his stitches out, and he is now on stronger medicine for his respiratory infection. He sleeps in his little soft AKC basket, and so far hasn’t had any accidents. His favorite foods still remain: white bread and ice cream. The vet told us that as long as Barnby eats something (other than chocolate) it is better than nothing. I cant blame him for not eating the dog chicken and rice soggy mess! (Yuck!)

Anyway I just wanted to give a quick update as to why I haven’t been posting the past few days. I will be back on track ASAP.

Ps: If anything is grammatically incorrect: please forgive me! Im on prescription pain meds that make me feel like im in extreme jet lag! Stay posted. -Mercedes Chloe

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