• Mercedes Benstock

Syrup & Waffles

So Barnaby’s sick and miserable, the only thing on television is the housewives of Orange County (repeat number 1412483) and tomorrow is my first day going back to school-post spring break. Well, after going to Beach Bum and getting a spray tan (so that I didn’t walk, talk and strut down fifth avenue looking like Casper), Mauro told me that the spray “tan” smelt like “waffles and syrup”(lush)! I then tweeted Beach Bum that: “I was going there to pretend that I spent my Spring Break in Miami”, along with what felt like 2/3rd’s of my entire school, and they ironically re-tweeted it (ha ha ha), not knowing that their formula apparently smells of Mauro’s definition of “syrup and waffles” #yuck .

Anyway I want to talk about eyelash extensions. Kim Kardashian is notoriously known for having double layered eyelash extensions, amongst many other “celebrities” and non celebrities. Although the extensions come at a cost, they elongate your lashes tremendously, and you can walk out the door without makeup and looking ready to go (not feeling naked, without a touch of make up).

The only downside is that they pull your real lashes out. 2013 has been a year of “experiments”. I’ve tried self waxing (BIG mistake), eyelash extensions, gel manicures, smores pizza (Thanks Red Tomato) and traded my favorite color-pink, for navy, which sounds so ridiculous, but I’m now dreaming of the navy Chanel I walk past, (and dream of) in the window of the Madison Avenue store(I guess every girl has their Rebecca Bloomwood moments!)

Although the eyelashes do look long and luscious (when they are first applied), as time progresses they start to fall out (which is why you have to go for a touch up every 2-3 weeks) and your eyelashes start to look clumpy and patchy. You also cant wear mascara on your eyelashes, given that the fake ones are glued to your real ones, and the tassels on a mascara brush will literally rip both your real and fake lashes OUT. Despite paying $400+ for the service.

Some people also complain about it being really uncomfortable and itchy, but I believe that’s more about where you go, or just your pain tolerance. All in all (after getting the eyelashes once in January, and never going back for a touch up) I don’t think they were worth it.

Of course if it makes you feel more comfortable about yourself, or is more convenient than putting on mascara (and is economical to pay $100 every two weeks for touch ups)-go for it, But growing them all out or having to pull the remainder out is quite uncomfortable (to say the least). As they say pain is beauty!