• Mercedes Benstock


Lets talk about a few things: fashion, the Grammys, and my worst holiday yet: Valentine’s Day. As Mauro sweetly asked me what i wanted to do, I semi-screamed that I hate Valentine’s Day and that I don’t want roses, chocolate or a card from hallmark. I’m not quite sure why I hate it so much, other than one ex calling it a “Hallmark holiday,” along with an additional ex actually forgetting it was Valentine’s Day, multiple times. Although still pessimistic about Thursday, I have promised Mauro that I will put on my best behavior, and stay smiling, even if I do despise the holiday.

So back to the lovely start of today, a major trend I have seen on the NYFW runway is leather. Leather details, skirts, shirts, sleeves, you name it. So I put together a fab outfit for the day which included leather skinnies, and a white turtle neck with leather detail. Just as I was walking outside in a white BLUMARINE (only worn twice)! Fur jacket, my doorman said “you know it’s raining right?” so with five minutes to go, I quickly ran upstairs got changed and left my building, attempt two.

Thankfully today my umbrella decided not to fly inside out, so I made it to the subway-only half drenched. So onto the duet overdose, aka the Grammys last night. Taylor Swift I love you, but as for the alice in wonderland opening performance with fur, bunnies and, men on stilts…I’m not so in love! I also think LL-Cool-J’s attempt on calling her “T-Swizzle” wasn’t as amusing as he thought it was. But that being said my two “best dressed nominees” were Taylor and Rihanna. I also thought the Elton John and Ed Sheeran duet was amazing, despite not particularly liking Elton, Ed has came really far from his single “The A Team”. As for Kelly Clarkson winning the “Best pop vocal album” I find her really irrelevant in the music world. American Idol was years ago.

Onto fashion week. Texture, Slits, plaid and menswear inspired womenswear (talk about oxymoron) have all been spotted so far. It started on thursday with photographers going wild at Richard Chai, both Ashley Simpson and Christina Ricci were sitting front row. Unfortunately neither one of them have the same recognition in Hollywood as they once did. Ashley is most known for lip-syncing on saturday night live, a divorce and her brill nose job. And as for Christina Ricci, all that’s coming to mind is Casper.

The next show was Kimberly Ovitz, who seemed to be a lot more popular this year after Rihanna wore one of the designers dresses in her video “diamonds’. A sunglass clad Anna Wintour was sitting front and center in the dark warehouse space. The Kate Spade show was also interesting with models wearing hot pink tights, perched around yellow vintage cabs detailed with bows and studs (the models that is). Next was Jason Wu, whose looks certainly stood out. From pleated peplum scooped down shirts paired with tuxedo stovepipe pants. His look screamed BLAKE. Mainly because every time I think of extreme looks, or tuxedo pants I think of Blake Lively.

Next comes Rag & Bone. Moving inside Rag & Bone, was as hard as moving on an 8 am 6 train. There was food a concession stand handing out cinnamon raisin and cheddar truffle pretzels, and an open bar serving mulled wine, clearly leading to gridlock. As for the collection it featured very masculine clothing. At Rebecca Taylor, Shailene Woodley sat front row. The collection was significantly more tomboy than usual and had a 60’s punk Feel to it including leather details, zippers and studded embellishments.

Last but not least comes Alexander wang, Zoe Kravitz sat front row. Anticipation filled the room as this was Wang’s first collection since his announcement of moving to Balenciaga. Slouchy tees were gone, and trend was in. Between now and Wednesday we have: Badgley Mischka, Vera Wang (my future wedding dress designer-hehe) Michael Kors and Rachel Zoe.