• Mercedes Benstock

Taking A Break From Running

I decided to write a post on this topic because (much to dans dismay) when I couldn’t run for 2 weeks I would sit on the couch and aimlessly google what to do with myself. I’m someone who can never sit down, I loooove to be busy and generally have to be doing something at all times.

My grandfather always says you can sleep when you’re dead and that’s had a lasting impact. I feel like running is one of those things that you either love or you hate. I had no idea what was going to happen taking two weeks off. I’ve ran religiously 3 times a week since January. I’ve also gotten accustom to stuffing my face post run (all healthy but still). 

So, what actually happened? The first few days off were the hardest. I was still going to equinox and doing resistance workouts for about 15-20 minutes. I tried to incorporate the elliptical machine but watching the real housewives on a machine for 50 minutes didn’t compare to running full force. 

By day five I was actually enjoying the time off, I realized my body (and ankle) had to rest in order to recover. By day  11 I was going stir crazy but my ankle was starting to feel better so I decided to “just run” and see how things went. Well to no surprise it was HARD mentally and physically plowing through. I couldn’t even get to two miles without panting like a dog. I ended up getting to six and walked for a little bit as a cool down. My fitness level had dropped significantly in such a short amount of time. 

I usually take Saturday’s off as my rest days but wanted to keep consistent so went for another 6 mile run. My ankle was actually fine after both runs, but we went apple picking in Westchester which was all uphill. Big, huge, agonizing mistake. Four days later and i'm still paying for the pain. The weird thing is that the pains all over my body now. So lessons to be learnt? to avoid all hills with a bad ankle and to let your body fully recover before straining it again.