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So I’ve had the longest day ever, as you can imagine while preparing for England. It started out by going to the Plaza in attempt to get my hair done at 11 am this morning. Well all failed when the new receptionist at Warren Tricomi was so rude to me, that I ended up walking out of the salon as soon as I checked my coat. Without a blowout, and with a temper.

Leading to a semi vent via Twitter that certain companies should learn how to train their staff. Really. Last October I had a situation where a woman at Bobbi Brown in Saks fifth avenue was so rude to me (when I was just asking her a simple question as to where men’s sunglasses were-for Mauro) that I have never been back since-nor has he. Word of the mouth is everything as we all know, and having a bad experience at a counter, or salon inside of a hotel makes it easy to associate the two. For example because of my experience at a Bobbi Brown counter in Saks, I don’t go back to Saks.

Anyway while skipping out on getting my hair done, I did go downstairs calm myself down and drink a cappachino while then heading straight to class. Once I was done with my two marketing classes, I headed to forty carrots. Well here the rudeness continued as a woman pushed in front of me ordering two yogurts with a trillion toppings, prolonging my rush to get home in time for Angelo to pick me up (my families driver at 2 pm).

FINALLY I ordered a small plain yogurt (as saying the word “vanilla” there is like a crime) with sprinkles. Except it ended up to be mainly sprinkles, as the lady just “sprinkled” them all on like nobodies business. Once I reached the elevator, it decided to stop on 5/7 floors. I had 14 minutes to get home, a suitcase to finish packing, and papers to stick in a folder and complete all before tomorrow.

Finally I made it home, hopped into the escalade, where Angelo then drive’d me and dropped me off to pick Acura RDX. So then it was 3 pm, I was as pale as a ghost, had unpainted nails, non colored hair, (or tamed hair for that matter) and everything was pretty much a big mess. I was driving and hitting every single red light. I was also determined to find somewhere to do my hair before tomorrow.

Call after call and fail after fail, I finally found somewhere in Plainview called “Unique”. So I stopped there on my way home, got my hair touched up by someone, then conditioner treated (whatever that means) by someone else, and lastly cut by another person. Well I love my long hair, and literally went through five stages of “no I don’t want it cut, to-yes I do want it cut”. Then the hair stylist and I decided to change it up and go for layers (bigger deal than a cut). I was shaking while getting it cut, because ever since my bad haircut circa 2010, I have been terrified of getting it cut ever-ever again.

So by this time it was 6 pm and I had an appointment at Beach Bum. Yes I get spray tans (only when I’m like casper), so when getting asked what color I wanted to be BrainsOfBritian (aka me) told the woman that I wanted to be as dark as possible. They had just moved locations so the tanning rooms were almost as small as aeroplane bathrooms. Really. I get claustrophobic so while almost having a panic attack, and not trying to think about the confined space we were both in-while getting sprayed with freezing cold paint or whatever it actually is, I closed my eyes and looked down. Then I found out your not supposed to do that because it creates crease lines or something along your neck (makes sense now that I actually think about it) so the process then took twice as long.

Anyway, finally about half an hour ago I arrived home. It has been the longest day ever, and I still have so much homework to do, as well as packing. I will post sometime tomorrow before my flight and in the meantime have attached some photos!

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