• Mercedes Benstock


Of course school remains my number one priority, but after seeing the fashion (or lack of) from Monday nights Met Ball, I had to share the disastrous pictures before I rushed out the door and off to school. So that’s exactly what I did, and by some miracle (and valor), I made it to class right on time.

Weather it was happiness circulating the room due to the end of the semester, or just an exceptional day (for everyone) everyone somehow seemed “social spirited”. A very odd occurrence at fashion school. Normally getting ignored, stared at, glared at or tweeted about is the norm. But whose to say that doesn’t go for other schools, outside of fashion? By some means, everyone was communicating with one another (verbally) and as we patiently waited for our teacher to come, we did the unthinkable-and spoke.

Maybe it just takes five months to open up to one another, or know that not everyone has a Regina George type personality, but whatever was going on, it was nice. A nice ending to the semester. Or an almost end to the semester.

After my two classes of the day were over, I went out for a nice dinner, indulging in one of my favorite shrimp salads, and a grey goose and sprite. Which I wisely, and unknowingly instagramed as a “great-goose” and sprite.