• Mercedes Benstock

The 4th of July

Weather you are going to a house party this 4th of July, partying on a yacht, attending a bbq– or going to the beach to, watch the fascinating fireworks at night- it’s always important to be prepared (aside from wearing bug repellant).

You never want to turn up to a house party, empty handed or looking like an American Flag. So while a bottle of bubbly or wine might be the easiest thing to bring for your hostess, lets explore some other (more creative) options below (hover above the title for specific recipes):

Now sometimes (and most times) people go all out for the fourth of July, meaning dressing head to toe in: red, white and blue. Now, while that can look brilliant up until the age of 8, after? not so much. But if your feeling patriotic enough to dress up, stick to one or two colors. For example: A white dress with navy or red heels with red nail polish-the perfect balance. Or white shorts with a red or blue shirt etc. There is a way to look patriotic without looking idiotic.

Berry Tart


Pasta Salad