• Mercedes Benstock

The Bad Boy

Definition: Ass hole, cheater, muscular ( in some sort of form), horrible and for god knows what reason: utterly enticing. At one point in life, we have all been attracted to someone completely bad for us.

My question is why? Why do we swoon over complete ass holes, and act surprised when someone is actually nice to us? We grow up surrounded by fairy tales, movies, and reality tv shows. Teaching us that we will find a “Mr Big”. A man who whines and dines us on a weekly basis, and sends two dozen red roses the night after.

Instead of having the perfect man on our radar, we are dispositioned to prefer the bad boy. The one who will cheat, flirt, and possibly get with one of your closest friends. The biggest mistake is thinking that these men will ever change. Why waste your time on someone wasted on games? Whether it be 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years. Once an animal, always an animal.

So then it brings me to wonder why men cheat on beautiful women. For example: Jude Law, Ryan Philippe, Scott Disick and Romain Zago. Guilty, guilty, possibly guilty, and guilty. The irony is that most cheating men, cheat on those significantly less attractive. I always say that instead of cheating on someone, if your unhappy-end it.