• Mercedes Benstock

The broken glass

Updated: Apr 12

So while i was having the midnight munchies and craving something peppermint to warm me up, i created my own take on the tall Starbucks skinny peppermint mocha latte. The $4.37 small latte that i order every other day, in replacement of my usual Vente coffee frappachino light. The invention was quite simple, minus Starbucks language. One peppermint tea bag, one spoon full of hot chocolate mix, a dash of milk and there we go. While i was getting my Tiffany blue mug down from the shelf a martini glass ironically fell down (out of no where) missed me by about 1.2 inches and smashed everywhere. Thankfully i was not hurt, but then all night i suspiciously googled the symbolism of broken glass.

So what did i find? I found out that breaking uncolored glass can be a fortune omen, as well as a tradition in Jewish weddings, the underlying proof that you are a clumsy cow, and that shattered glass can be bloody painful to tread on. Especially when your not wearing your fluffy pink diamanté slippers. The same slippers that mop your floor when your to hungover to do so yourself.

The other day at work while wondering around the cashier, waiting for one of many customers to make a purchase, i found myself with four items. Scissors, bubble wrap, tissue paper and tape. About 200 pops later, i invented the bubble bracelete. A bracelete that kills time, looks phantasmagorical and even gives of the misconception that you are indeed very creative. Especially when your stuck behind a cashier, for nine hours.

So back to Starbucks. I’ve never really been the type of girl to sit in a coffee shop, and write. So today was the day to change that. Thanks to inventions like the iPad and iPhone I no longer have to whip out a notebook and jot down notes about my surroundings. Instead I can look like I actually have friends (awake at 9 am on a Saturday morning) and go on ( to what looks to be) a “texting spree”.

Surprisingly my local Starbucks (a good two minute walk from my apartment)is fairly empty. There’s two autumn orange chairs, one vintage looking mirror, a wanna be vintage coat rack and then two different level Tory birch like shabby chic ceiling placements. Hopefully that paints a clear picture. As for people, there’s one couple sitting opposite. Both are reading newspapers and haven’t said one word to each other. There is also a 20 something (plane jane) man with headphones in, a MacBook and what looks to be a blog in front of him. Lastly to my left there’s a tourist in a purple scarf, sunglasses, a Chanel pleated jacket and a subway map that she will never understand unless she’s lived in New York for five months.