• Mercedes Benstock

The definition of a Bitch

I hate controversial articles, but this topic sparked my interest while laying in bed at 6am and regretting everything I ate at dinner last night. Yesterday while unpacking for my 6 days of spring break (spent at home, with my five, eight, and ten year old siblings) I was unpacking my “healthy” food (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes etc) when I almost accidentally shut Barnby’s head in the fridge (poor B)! I was almost in tears over the incident, giving him a head-toe paw checkup and lots of love to make up for my stupidity while he continued to sniff (the door) of my fridge. As he was doing so, I started to think about issues such as greed, speed and yes the definition of a “bitch”.

Don’t ask, what actually made me think about these three things (after almost shutting Barnby in the fridge) but I started to feel bad that I brought “my own” food back to my house, not wanting to eat smiley faces and dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner. Life is so short that we limit ourselves, and set in our mind whats acceptable to eat and what’s not. Seriously by the looks of my Sunday posts it makes it seem like I live on a diet of Starbucks, Pizza, Ice Cream and Macaroons, which validates that looks can be deceiving.

Last semester I lived off of fruit, vegetables, bagels (for breakfast) and the occasional indulgence. This semester I cut out all bagels (which surprisingly I don’t miss), and switched my breakfast to cereal, oatmeal or a Luna Bar.

I’m no nutritionist (despite my semester spent at medical school with pink lab goggles, before I literally almost ran away in tears when I was told to dissect a cat) but this minor switch cutting out bagels made a big difference.

Hypothetically eating a bagel each morning can add up to around 2,310 calories a week (minus butter or cream cheese) and 357 carbohydrates. Those extra calories can go towards an indulgence here and there, and that’s exactly what I do. It really is all about moderation, and what I try to do is eat healthy throughout the week, and then when I see my (food loving)! Boyfriend Mauro, let myself eat pasta at dinner, or my self proclaimed “guilty pleasure” of the week.

Sitting at Red Tomato yesterday (the best thin crust pizza, I have ever had)! A group of high school girls sat about 2 tables down. It was virtually impossible not to hear what they were saying. Discussing school, parties, and where “everyone” was going to college.

Apparently applying to the same “reach school” as you, classifies you as a “bitch” because all this one girl had to say for half an hour was that a “friend” of hers had also applied to Columbia, and because of her acceptance, she was a “bitch”. Her two friends sat there also badmouthing the same girl poor girl while texting away on their cell phones.

So lets go back to English. According to dictionary.Com, the definition of a bitch is as follows:

1.a female dog (I learnt this in fifth grade) 2.a female of canines generally. 3.a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.

The word is used relentlessly, by both sexes. The more its said, the less it means. Except for the person who is called the “bitch” and then explodes over why they were called the malicious word, in the first place.

The derogatory term is said by tweens, teens, adults and the unexpected (in my case a family friend over the age of 72). Generally it’s said as some sort of describing word. Yet out of the 14 people I asked (between the ages of 15-42), each had a different definition. The definitions varied from “someone that’s mean” “Regina George””a snipe horrible person” and the best yet “a jackass”.

Anyway with that being said, today was my first official day spent on Long Island (excluding the 1/2 day I spent here yesterday). The girls in my family went shopping (which included toys-r-us) I got Barnby some bits and bobs, a dress for our school “Rebelution” fashion show on the 12th, and a suit case for England.