• Mercedes Chloe

The DL

So yesterday was a mixture of champagne bubbles, cosmopolitan twists and vodka. All in the name of celebrating a 21st birthday. Mine of which, ended at 9pm because I (don’t try this at home) thought it would be a brilliant idea to drink 21 drinks. Or something of the like. As I woke up to a pounding headache, I rolled out of bed, took Advil, and of course headed to Starbucks.

After eating and laughing over drinks at V{iV} with Michael and Alden, we then parted our ways as we were off to the second party of the night at DL. Having a crystal chandelier type ambiance downstairs, and a completely LES ambiance upstairs. It was quite the experience to say the least, with palm trees, led lights, and water-but as a true Brit would say “just not my cup of tea”.

That being said the four of us, made the best of the experience and headed off to Riff Raffs, where 17 seemed the age, and stamps seemed the rage, as I seemed to notice more “selfies” and face paint than ever before. So while it wasn’t quite the best outing in Manhattan, It was a far cry from the uptown scene, and a quick release from reality.

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