• Mercedes Benstock

The ending of May

So as we have seemingly probably all established (especially if you look at my Facebook albums), I love taking pictures of myself ( WRONG!) It’s not that I love taking pictures of myself (I promise, I am not that vain at all!), it’s more so that in the future I can look back and remember all of the great times I have, how blessed and lucky I am, and how much change occurs each and every year. In the olden days when there wasn’t Facebook, people had photo albums to share there memories, but today those albums are online (along with lots of other progressions such as: shopping and communication). We no longer have to bring film rolls from disposible cameras to get developed, and instead can upload pictures from a click of a button.

So although yesterday I shared pictures from my fun in the sun, I have more pictures from ” my night out” which was supposed to be at Ainsworth, Sl, and Avenue but instead ended in tears and well..not a night out (long story).

So what I do have from the (far from fun) night/day, I have attached below.