• Mercedes Chloe

The four B’s

Updated: Apr 12

So after catching up on some much needed “Gossip Girl” episodes, and coming to the realization that if Serena Vander Woodson can make the time to blog, as well as Carrie Bradshaw, and of course Bridget Jones ( from Bridget Jones Diary)..so can i. Right? As cliche as it may or may not sound, walking the streets of Manhattan i constantly have this voice speaking to me or wwcd moments (what would Carrie do).

Its officially been my 15 month anniversary, with my apartment. In 15 months I’ve used the oven twice, had a job at Henri Bendel, left my job at Henri Bendel gone to med school, left med school, died my hair brown, re-died my hair blonde, and here we are November 18th 2011. With a bar of Toblerone fruit and nut, my macbook pro, and a lifelong story that is flabbergasting, to say the least.

Although i haven’t exactly met my “Mr big”, i can say that i have met some very good friends equivalent to Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. And due to the fact that i navigate my way around Manhattan by the four B’s Bendels, Bergadorfs, Bloomingdales and Barneys, i would call myself a savvy New Yorker. In other words, a 19 (almost twenty) year old Carrie Bradshaw with a British, powerful, and potent tweak.

Instead of being a journalist, i had always dreamed of living in NYC and being a famous fashion designer. This dream lasted up until last year. I thought that i was making a mistake entering the world of fashion, and changed my major to Pre Med. Anatomy was interesting, as well as philosophy and trigonometry, i even had pink lab goggles, a pink scientific calculator and of course a pink fluffy pen that had the word serious written all of over it. Towards my 4th month as a med student i had learnt that my anatomy text books cost as much as one meal at Nello, one Christian Louboton shoe, or 1/7th of a watch at cartier. When we were told to dissect cow eye balls one wednesday afternoon, that was the end of my pre med adventure.

To my parents shock and dismay, i swiftly told them of my love for fashion, living in the city, and lack of passion for dissecting a dead cows eye balls. They supported me and within a few days, i had gained my job back at Bendels. As they always say ” It’s not what you know, It’s who you know”.

While sitting on the red bus, squashed between trader joe bags, puffy eskimo-like jackets, a screaming baby and a man with a blue mustache i couldn’t help but wonder what the world has come to. Yes their have been significant advancements in technology, but what about everything else?

The older i get, and the more hands i look at. The more i find that their are less and less Harry Winston rings, and more and more 40 year old divorcees wondering the streets of Manhattan. My question is why. Is marriage going out of style?